Clash of Eastern《COE》

Clash of Eastern《COE》
Clash of Eastern《COE》
Clash of Eastern《COE》特征
Clash of Eastern《COE》簡述

Thousand-People Guild War!!
To be the King of The Era, download for free!!
-Guild War
Thousand-People Guild War in《Clash of Eastern》
Grab endless wealth, fame, and even beauties once you own the castle!!

-Divine Wings
《Clash of Eastern》brilliant Divine Wings gives you unlimited power and reach the realm of Fairy!!
-Immortal Mounts
Feeling tired walking around? How about getting an Immortal Mount in《Clash of Eastern》! Amazing rides give you incredible power.
-Magical Pets
You will find fantastic pets that you dreamed of in《Clash of Eastern》.
The amazing feature for pet lovers.
-Fashion Cloths
More than hundreds of fashion clothes that you can pick to celebrate the holidays! Let's become a Super Star!!
What are you waiting for?
Download FREE now and become a great hero in -《Clash of Eastern》!!


Clash of Eastern《COE》遊戲信息
  • 遊戲大小:78 MB
  • 遊戲模式:網遊
  • 遊戲狀態:正式運營
  • 收費方式:道具收費
  • 運營商:
  • 遊戲類型:角色扮演
  • 研發商:
  • 畫面類型:3D
  • 官方網站:Clash of Eastern《COE》官網
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